Which wallet can I use?

Yorio wallet supports multi-assets, this is what we recommend to use. Daedalus (4.0.3 version onwards) now accepts multi assets too!

Is this a real CNFT?

Each token is unique. By using a signature and time-locked minting policy. After a certain period of time there is no way to mint anymore tokens using that policy.

You may check your policy ID using: Cardanoscan.io/tokenpolicy/POLICY

Do CNFTs have Metadata?

Yes, the metadata for each token is stored on the Cardano Blockchain. The metadata are in the minting transaction of the token.

Step 1: Cardanscan.io
Step 2: Insert Policy ID into search
Step 3: see Mint Transaction
Step 4: Select Transaction Hash
Step 5: Scroll down to Metadata

How do I know how many tokens are minted under the same policy?

You can check the policy ID using: cardanoscan.io/tokenpolicy/POLICY

Antonio Augusto Botelho